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what are green projects?

  • The use of the word "green" here is just shorthand for "environmentally sensitive". This is not the same as "sustainable", which is a much broader concept incorporating social, economic and environmental concerns. Carbonsmart generally deals with these broader issues, but that seemed too much to try to address in these maps.

    The idea is to highlight building projects and other human endeavours with a clear geographic component that demonstrate movement towards reduced environmental impact.

    Let's see how green Africa is becoming.

    A similar map has been created for San Francisco, showing only solar pv systems.

I need your help

  • Please email me with any projects or other ideas you would like to contribute. A project can be an individual building, a community garden, or a bigger project of any size. If you have a look at the boxes describing the projects on Google Maps to the left, you'll see the type of information to include. And if you have more information about a particular project - anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa - I would be glad to add it as a case study.

Green Project Maps