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The reason why Botswana is full of solar geyers, is because it's affordable there!

The typical case with the average middle class environmentalist in South Africa is that solar is too expensive to even consider. This is why I entered the solar industry myself - to solve the problem.

Solar shouldn't be so expensive, why else is Namibia and Botswana covered with solar geysers? I believe I found the answer that will help us solve the problem: Solar Companies in South Africa caters for the upper class! After speaking to the MD of the largest solar company in South Africa I was shocked. They do not want to cater for the middle class! He believes that the middle class will not respond even if prices are lowered!

I beg to differ! I provide solar products (of which a solar geyser is the most efficient) for the middle class. I do not charge too much. I do not want to make a living of one client. I want the middle class to save more electricity than what they have to spend on the solar geyser itself - while saving the planet! Your geyser uses about 50% of your electricity! Why not save money and the earth!?

My company is dedicated to serving you affordably!
Jakes (MD of EfTech)
084 512 7511

yeah ,i agree with you.
if there isn't the budget and the inclination and the skills to maintain the infrastructure, the capital investment is a waste of money.
hope to think well

nice posting....i like is really helpfull to all...

Dear Sir,

Wher is you company. I have now seen 2 programs on the home chanel, Canwest. Canadian tv program. Sarahs holiday home.
There was a house like a Wendy covered in solar panels and storage for power.This was on an island with no one else there. Can you tell me more.
liz van Vuuren +27 83 517 9413

Liz, I don't have a company related to solar power, I just blog as an individual in Cape Town.

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